2.11.1Local Communities

Management Approach

The Company engages with and creates a positive impact on local communities through its operational activities. SBM Offshore operates its floating production systems offshore with a substantial percentage of local employees. The Company constructs substantial parts of the vessels in the countries of operation depending on local content requirements, existing infrastructure and project economics. Development of the local economy and workforce improves the social and economic situation in-country. This is achieved through the Company’s core business as well as the localization of employees in-country, the development of local talent and local community programs. A competitive advantage is created with successful localization programs and the development of construction yards.

2017 Performance

Nationals employed in workforce (Localization)

For fleet operations, engagement and development of the local workforce is the main indicator for successful local content development. SBM Offshore monitors the percentage of local workforce - a KPI for the Company - and invests in training to increase or maintain the targeted level.

Key Markets

  • 34% of the permanent workforce consists of Brazilian nationals
  • 10% of the permanant workforce consists of Angolan nationals

Localization programs in both countries focus on education and training of nationals to enter the workforce.

Local community activities and programs in 2017

Working with the local communities where the Company has offices has been important to SBM Offshore. The programs are designed to maximize the value of activities for both the Company’s community partners and the business. Below are examples of some of the initiatives that took place in 2017:


  • SBM Offshore, in partnership with the local community, supports the Lubango Orphanage to house and school young girls.
  • The Company provides the students with computer training and assists in securing employment for them. The orphanage has been run for almost 13 years since the Company undertook its construction as a key part of its social development program.


  • Monthly donations made to support the child care institution, Babylonia Day Care Center.
  • BRASA yard promoted a coastline cleaning initiative in São Lorenço Channel and collected two tonnes of waste.

Equatorial Guinea

  • The Company supported the refurbishment and extension of a Social Project Boarding School, Bososo in 2017.
  • During the year, the Company committed to fund a new social project in partnership with the government.


A newly created Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) team aligned its efforts with the wider United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Some of the volunteer activities include:

  • Donating time and sharing skills to tutor 130 young refugees as well as donating material to improve the school building.
  • Establishing an ‘Eco Free Market’ to donate food and goods to the Orang Asli (Indigenous People) at Kuala Woh, Perak.


  • Monaco-based employees joined local charity Children and Future for the No Finish Line (NFL) event, raising almost EUR 5,000.
  • Participation in the Schiedam harbor area development project.


  • Hurricane Harvey volunteer/relief efforts: employees donated over 600 hours of Company paid time and SBM Offshore provided tax-free grants to affected employees.
  • Office employees donated 300 articles of clothes to Dress for Success, a local charity to help people re-entering the workforce.
  • A Company team participated in the MS150 charity bike ride for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.